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              The Good Friday Walkthrough is a guided tour of four stations of the cross through the church building, appropriate for all ages. It is a great opportunity to bring friends and family along. The walkthrough should take around 50 minutes and there is no cost. We are asking everyone to book a time for your group. Groups of up to 11 people will enter the walkthrough at a time, please ensure children are included when you book in your group.

              The walkthrough this year took place on Thursday 1st April between 12pm and 9pm, and Friday 2nd April between 9am and 6pm.


              This Sunday our new rhythm begins, below is the outline of House Church for the 28th March and the below information is also now available via the Red Door App [www.thereddoor.cc/app].

              Please note there is no normal service at 10am (other than HouseChurch at Hammond), but our regular 4pm service and youth will run as usual on the 28th March.

              If you wish to have a read of the HouseChurch Handbook and understand this new rhythm in more detail, check it out www.thereddoor.cc/housechurch

                28 March 2021

              This weeks House Church Guide
              [Download here]

                5 Minute Call Video

              A short inspirational video to play while you gather for HouseChurch [Play the Video]
              or Vimeo search tag: '5mincall'


              This Sunday our time of Worship is lead by our Red Door music team [Join us in worship]
              or Vimeo search tag: 'reddoorworship'


              Checkout our NEW REDKids HouseChurch Video
              [REDKids video available on Vimeo]
              or Vimeo search tag 'redkidshouse'
              also [Download this weeks curriculum here]


              We want to partner with Jesus to serve our city. We are a church marked by radical generosity. 10% of every dollar goes directly to supporting justice work both globally and locally. [Give online here]

                Teaching and Discussion

              Series: Gospel of Luke . Luke 22:63-23:25
              Vimeo search tag 'redhousechurch' or
              [Video message available on Vimeo]


              Prayer points listed on the House Church Guide
              [This weeks prayer list]

                Prayer Request

              Arrange a time for some personal prayer on the phone or online [Complete this form]

              March 28th 2021

              Hey Red Door Family

              As HouseChurch in our new rhythm begins at 10am on Sunday the 28th March. I just wanted to remind you to please take time and review the vision videos that are now viewable at www.vimeo.com/showcase/housechurchvision.

              It will take a little time to get the whole church familiar with this new rhythm so:

              1. If you wish to be connected to a HouseChurch please email barbara@
              2. If you're not in a HouseChurch please feel free to do HouseChurch with your immediate family as we organise groups going forward, but consider inviting another family to join you.
              3. Your HouseChurch group can run anytime that weekend, content will be available from Saturday.
              4. HouseChurch at Hammond will run in unit 6 for people who are unaware of the 4th Sunday of the month 10am service change.
              5. 4pm service and Red Door Youth on the 28th March will run as normal.

              If you wish to have a read of the HouseChurch Handbook, check it out www.thereddoor.cc/housechurch

              Service Times

              Sundays 10am and 4pm

              33 Hammond Rd Cockburn Central WA 6164

              Privacy Statement


              Phone: +61 8 9414 9638

              Postal Address: PO Box 3836 Success WA 6964

              Church Address: 4/33 Hammond Rd Cockburn Central WA 6164

              ? 2020 All Rights Reserved. The Red Door Community Church Inc.

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